Dear Paris….

“You never forget your first trip to Paris” that’s how the saying goes and I mean,yes,the accuracy is on steroids! 👏🏽👏🏽

So I happen to be one of the ‘tourists’ cough cough that fell in love with Paris and decided to blog about it.If we went to high school together,you probably know how much I loved my French lessons.I was literally the je,tu the il,elle of the class.Yes it was meant to be funny!😄 and no you don’t have a sense of humor!

I vividly remember all our Paris and Quebec class presentations(maybe because I did them all)🙈😂Bottom line! Going to Paris was a dream come true and honestly,I had an awesome time all thanks to my best friend and partner in crime Anel ❤️❤️….from making good looking french waiters explain restaurant menus in English to….getting wasted at Champs de mars on cheap wine,we started calling everyone La Croix! (This should be illegal)

Drinking ‘un café’ in Paris automatiquement makes you French ! 👌🏽

So here are some of my Paris pictures and definitely some of the places you should visit when you go to Paris! Let me be your tour guide!

You will get overwhelmingly tired from trying to study the maps and see everything.We decided to spend 9 hours in the museum and no you can’t finish everything in a day! At some point we didn’t even know where to find “sortie” (exit) and my feet were complaining.Definitely wear comfy shoes! and take some water with you.Its only when I left the museum that I realised how magnificent it really is…I just wanted to go back and do it all over again !! Also,you don’t necessarily need to love art and history to enjoy le louvre! I personally don’t have a deep rooted passion,but I had a good time.There is also a real mummy in louvre museum!Yup I’m still picking my jaw up from the floor ! I had a lot of emotions going on whilst looking at it !

J’ai eu un coup de foudre! It was honestly love at first sight! 🥰 Everyone says the Eiffel Tower is overrated and non non non! (Insert french accent) It’s beautiful,you never get tired of looking at it.I think it’s a lot more interesting at night when it lights up and performs a bedazzling show nonetheless,it’s also really breathtaking in the afternoon when you’re sitting on the bus and happen to just pass by ! Gosh🤩 ….I mean good company and a bottle of wine at the champs de Mars (a really vast public garden surrounding the tower) should definitely be on your bucket list! 😜

It’s a shame I never got to see inside but I will ! It’s good to just check it out too.❤️

This is probably so shallow of me but if you would like to find out the significance of these monuments and their historical backgrounds please google! I didn’t want this page to be a history lesson ! If you go down Champs-Élysées you will find yourself at Place de la Concorde.Now if your google maps skills are impeccably polished,from Place de la Concorde,you can either go to Tuileries garden (definitely try the rides unless you go to Disney)! Or you check out the National Assembly or find your way to place de vendome which is not far or you can take a look at hotel de crillon a really lavish hotel ! If you’re determined enough you can look for a street called rue faubourg saint honoré .There are a lot of designer shops! 😊I would recommend this over Champs-Élysées 🙊 Also your chances of bumping into Kylie Jenner are higher there hahah

The Sacré Coeur is 106 years old ! There is an amazing panoramic view of Paris from the top but you have to go up 237 stairs ! You get to see how big Paris really is ! And how small the Eiffel Tower seems from up there haha ! Inside the church you can pay for a candle that you light up and say a little prayer. ‘This lil light o mine I’m gon let it shine!🎤🎧🎼

Did you know ❓❓❓‼️‼️‼️

Paris tourism statistics have seen a record number of visitors, surpassing 40 million in 2018. France is the most visited country in the world. In 2016, tourism contributed a total of 198.3 billion euros to GDP in France, while tourism employment created 2.8 billion jobs, both directly and indirectly.

In case you’re wondering why Monalisa has that much security in the louvre museum despite her size…..if you get what I’m trying to say 😉

I mean,I have lots of pictures but it’s going to be too long a blog post ! I hope you liked it ! 🤗 see you in Paris soon🤩🇫🇷

Side note : please tell the French minister du tourisme that I need a 4 week free pass and free accommodation in a 5 star hotel the next time I visit,so that I properly do my work as a French blogger 🤓 thanks!

There’s complexities in complexions but your skin can glow like diamonds✨✨

Imagine a world where simply washing your face with water is enough,easy right? But where is the fun in that! 🥱

First of all,thank you for all the love and support,it means a lot.❤️All I can say is,I have a lot to share which I will try to narrow down because let’s be honest,nobody wants to read a 3 paged blog.We all have INSTAGRAM FOMO.😎😉

CLEANSING,masking 🤷🏽‍♀️

The million dollar question is,do you know your skin type? If not,here is something to help you out :

Just to elaborate,dry skin means your skin is lacking oil whereas dehydrated skin simply means your skin is lacking water,it’s not only because you’re not drinking enough water but there are so many other factors which I will list in a bit, so to compensate your skin produces excess oil which is called sebum.The downside is,you start treating it like it’s oily skin by using mattifying products (products that suck oil) which in turn dry out your already dehydrated skin so it’s just one vicious cycle.Drinking less water,drinking a lot of alcohol,smoking,using really hot water on your face or too much air conditioner and so forth can dehydrate your skin.✨✨

Additionally,Its possible to have a combination of all the skin types above depending on so many factors, to name a few,the water in your area,the weather or season.I definitely have combination skin but in winter my skin is more dry.You’re probably thinking so does that mean I have to buy 7 different face washes!😄I’m here to help you the best way I can so the answer is NO.💃🏼

I decided to start using natural remedies for my face because it’s healthy,cheaper,fun and you can play around with what you have,so if you want to try out everything simply come up with a schedule for your face care! Here is what I’ve gathered up :

Now for women of colour,I would highly recommend replacing lemons with oranges because,talking from experience,lemons can cause long-term darkening of already dark skin.They stimulate melanocytes (cells that produce melanin in your skin)to protect your skin.Its not a bad thing but for someone like me,my chest is already way lighter than my face so I don’t wish to look even more Coca ColaFanta Orange when I wear a V-neck top.Alternatively,if you don’t have nutmeg powder you can use cinnamon for acne prone skin✨

Combination Skin

I have combination skin so I can relate to the struggle of dry cheeks and an oily T-zone.I even tried buying oily skin products for my T-zone and dry skin products for my cheeks,just so they could complement each other and get the job done(RIP to all the coins I spent 🙏🏻).Well,if you love oats like I do then you obviously have some in that pantry! just crush them to a fine powder and the rest is magic !✨

Now for dehydrated skin I would suggest oatmeal powder+ an avocado/avocado oil + natural yoghurt to give you a boost of hydration while also providing oil control and exfoliation.I would suggest a simple aloe vera + avocado face mask for normal skin✨

The best part about organic skin care is that,you can play around with whatever you feel is working best for your skin ! I normally use these remedies as both cleansers and face masks ! 🤗🤗

You are what you eat but….

Skin is the largest organ!

We are all familiar with the catch phrase «you are what you eat » but let’s be real,we’ve all been trying to find the solution to either, a fast metabolism or an effective skin care routine without having to hold the mayonnaise!

Here are a few simple and easy skin care tips,great for beginners (people who aren’t really into long hours of facials) and your budget which might help your facial problems.They have worked for me a lot ! My skin still breaks out but I have good days too.However,if you have a really bad acne problem it’s probably best to search for dermatologist approved remedies.


If you are not so much into skin care you are probably wondering what that term means! It’s not as complicated as it sounds and yes it’s very expensive at a beauty salon but good news! you can do it at home,by yourself in your bathroom for only 0,90 cents ! Derma-planning is a skin care procedure which involves the removal of facial hair and dead skin cells.✨

You can invest in an eyebrow razor which normally costs 0,90 cents or less.You obviously need to be gentle and try not to cut your skin but its definitely worth the try.You simply angle the razor and gently stroke downwards in the direction the facial hair is growing.I normally like stretching out my skin while I derma-plan so as to get the best results and I also work in sections starting from forehead,cheeks then my chin area.Additionally,I find it works best when the skin is dry. ✨

However,just be careful not to shave your hairline and eyebrows…for someone like me that has failed at eyebrow makeup,it would be absolutely horrific! The extra good news is,people with acne can also try it but they just need to be a lot more gentle and patient ! ✨


Again! If you don’t know what this is,which I’m a 100% sure everyone does,it’s basically scrubbing! You can invest in a scrubbing glove which costs a few cents but use it strictly on your face because facial skin is very sensitive.My go to facial scrub is a mixture of coffee,brown sugar and honey! I find it works well when your skin is dry,so only use water for rinsing.First of all coffee suits any skin type whether oily,combination,dry or normal! It also contains lots of antioxidants (products that protect your skin) …we normally drink coffee to stay awake and it will do the same for your skin ! Sugar has anti aging properties and it increases collagen production ! I know you are thinking no way! So why do I break out after eating ice cream and cake! but that’s something totally different.Honey is perfect for moisturizing,now if you have oily skin you might want to go easy on the honey ! I just want to add that I’ve used coconut oil before but I’m told it’s not entirely good for women of colour because it increases hyperpigmentation(excessive darkening) especially if you get exposed to the sun 🌞 too often.On the bright side,it’s very good for our hair but this is not a hair blog.Also,exfoliation should only be done 2-3 times a week…over exfoliating your skin will dehydrate it which results in break outs.✨

It’s important to rinse your face with cold water as it helps fight wrinkles,gets rid of harmful effects of sun rays and tightens your pores….finish off with lukewarm water to hydrate your skin as it helps lock in moisture and skin oils that protect your face.✨

Obviously the next step is CLEANSING but that requires you to know your skin type and that will be in my next blog post.😊😊